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With over 50 years of experience between us, you can say we understand the challenges lenders face with production!

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Our approach is simple: Asses the goals and ambitions of a company then support the effort to install an appropriate activity working to achieve them. We have developed a suite of products geared for every type of Loan Officer. Our products are easy to install and simple to understand. Most importantly, they focus on supporting the productive activities of successful loan officers.

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For over 10 years now, NREP has been the leading resource for industry professionals across the country. Compared to printed publications, TV or Radio, our Video Blog will deliver a unique and immediate result with a simple on-site call-to-action.
  • Millions of Views Annually
  • Massive National Branding
  • Best Bang for Advertising Buck!

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Brian Stevens

Sponsor Advertising on NREP remains the strongest, most successful advertising dollar your company can spend. Simply put, the people you want to connect with will be found in our audience and they respond with one "click" as we invite them to act.

Lender/Agent co-marketing solutions designed to quickly generate purchase business originations focusing on the promotion of active listings in partnership with listing agents.

  • 100% Purchase Business Lead Generation
  • Strengthen & Grow Agent Relationships
  • Originator Retention

The mobile app that is not an app! PreApp1003 is a pre-application initiated with a simple text message and is simply the fastest way to grab a buyer off the market.

  • Millennial Friendly
  • Fast Credit Profiling
  • Easy Agent Referral tool

Small Business owners are eager for new business and they will send you referrals as long as you're helping them get new business. Promote their business with automated coupons and create an endless flow of referrals!

  • Ideal Small Business Networking
  • Create Dozens of Referral Partners
  • Automated with Complete Analytics